About the lab

The Speech Lab is located at the Marie-Enfant Rehabilitation Center (part of the CHU Sainte-Justine Research Center) in Montreal, Quebec.

A child participating in a speech perception experiment.

Research at the lab examines numerous areas of speech production and perception in healthy and disordered populations, with a particular focus on children’s speech development and the neural control of oral articulatory movements.

Current studies in the lab make use of real-time signal processing to alter a talker’s auditory feedback during speech production. The capacity for talkers to adapt their speech output to compensate for such manipulations is examined in relation to their underlying oral motor and auditory perceptual abilities.   By exploring the relationship between sensorimotor abilities and the capacity for speech motor learning, we hope to better understand how these factors contribute to speech development, as well as the role of sensory and motor deficits in speech production disorders.